Technical Information    
  Frequency: 88.9 MHz
Effective Radiated Power: 16 watts
Antenna H.A.A.T.: 3 Meters (11 Feet)
Antenna H.A.G.L.: 7 Meters (25 Feet)
Radiation Pattern: Vertical, Non-DA
  FM Receivers    
  Reception can depend on the receiver. Cheaper radios are suitable for reception with-in close distance to a broadcast transmitter. Stereo systems, and higher end portable radios will perform better.  
  Dipoles are used for receivers with external antenna terminals. These antennas may be found at most electronic stores for a considerably cheap price.  
  Rooftop Antennas    
  Rooftop antennas are best for reception and connect to a receiver's external antenna terminals. Antennas of this type may be found at Radio Shack, catalog number 15-2163.  
  Live Stream  

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  Player Help  
  TuneIn: May require download of an application on desktop and mobile devices.  
  Winamp, iTunes, and VLC: Clicking the stream link above, you will be prompted to download and save "listen.pls". After saving, click the "listen.pls" file and the stream should start to play.  
  Cloudradio: No file download is required. Prompts a stand alone player through a pop-up window. It also displays track titles, album covers, and information.  

WWRB-FM / FMA Broadcasting